La Vie De La Rose Flower Essences

Photo: New Moon Expo with La Vie De La Rose

La Vie De la Rose debuted in NY @ the New Moon Expo in 2013.
Karen Wright began working with Dr. Natalia M. Schotte & the La Vie De La Rose flower essence line the previous summer. 

As we ascend the ladder of consciousness and grow spiritually, we shift from experiences of
disempowerment, lack, limitation, pain, struggle and suffering to ones of empowerment, harmony,joy, love, peace and purpose. Historically, Spiritual Growth has been an incremental process. Now for the first time, Spiritual Growth can be accelerated with La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences.

• Activate the patterns, qualities and skills required to achieve and expanded state of Being,
   thereby transcending your current limiting experiences and perceptions
• Create your life anew in alignment with your Soul
• Experience your highest potential and fulfill your Soul Contract
• Heal the imprints of traumatic and/or unresolved experiences, thereby transcending the past
• Strengthen Soul contact and your communication with Nature and Spirit
• Uncover and heal the root causes of your addictions, conflicted relationships, financial
 issues, work challenges, etc.

... all at an accelerated pace!

Accelerated Spiritual Growth® is the Spiritual Development Process whereby we accomplish the
evolution of consciousness in one lifetime ordinarily experienced in many. Regardless of our chosen
spiritual path, when we accelerate our spiritual growth, we quicken our ascent up the ladder of
consciousness. Accelerated Spiritual Growth® is a new concept developed by Dr. Natalia M Schotte.
It reflects an opportunity previously unavailable to humanity–the opportunity to quicken the
evolution of our consciousness.
To achieve lasting solutions to our personal and global challenges requires raising our level of
conscious above and beyond the level of consciousness at which these challenges were created. This Ascension process is our shared spiritual purpose and the only solution to the ‘human condition.’

All people are participating consciously or unconsciously in the spiritual process of Ascension.
All beings are evolving through the levels of consciousness available on Earth. This evolutionary
process has been largely an incremental one with only rare cases of acceleration.
The incremental pace of spiritual growth has become frustrating to many people and at the same time
the challenges we face can no longer be approached one small step at a time. How can anyone
accelerate spiritual growth, quickening the resolution of their personal challenges and assisting to
create a new, more balanced unfoldment for humanity? The answer to our quest for spiritual
acceleration is found in Nature.




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