What are Flower essences

Flower essences are tinctures of liquid consciousness, and stored within them is an evolutionary force, the life force itself shaped to a particular pattern depending on the signature of a particular plant and/or flower. This liquid consciousness can be considered educational for the psycho-spiritual dynamics of an individual.
Working with these vibrations, offers one an opportunity to shift one's beliefs, conceptions, ideas of science and long-term patterns to a place of greater awareness and understanding. These products offer much more than the temporary relief of some emotional state or physical difficulty. They are contributing to a change in a soul's life pattern and consciousness. This goes far beyond the cessation of some syptoms within one incarnation. When one looks deeply enough one realizes that it is only to increase consciousness that one incarnate in a body, moving through various physical, emotional, mental, spiritual difficulties to attain some self awareness.
Flower essences adjust the flow of consciousness and karma that create the disease state. They influence the subtle bodies and ethereal properties of the anatomy and then gradually influence the physical body.
These are a safe, sometimes subtle form of therapy that before one even realizes what is occuring, positive change has happened. Long term difficult patterns can be shifted in days or months. Tremendous self-awareness occurs with an increase in the intuitive and or psychic part of oneself. These products work whether one is a believer or not. They have been very efffective with animals and plants. If one truly wants change, more satisfaction from life and enhanced wisdom these can benefit you greatly.

Flowers are conscious, intelligent forces. They have been given to us for our happiness and our healing. This unique form of herbalism called flower essences is a concentrated encapsulation of pure life force, readily at our disposal. Herbalism has existed since the first human being prepared teas, tonics and poultices-or even earlier, when the first wild animals instinctively grazed on plants designed to heal their wounds. In fact, even in this century, herbs are relied on as the basis of medicine. Today, twenty-five percent of all prescription drugs are derived from natural plant substances.
Flower essences, remedies or drops as they are sometimes called, might also be considered “metaphysical herbs,” because they work on a beyond-the-physical level of our being. Think for a moment about the power and beauty of flowers-their ability to cheer, to inspire, to comfort. Births, birthdays, illnesses, weddings, funerals-all are significant life experiences traditionally accompanied by bouquets of flowers. “Look at the flowers with critical insight.”
“How could the flower evolve unless there were intelligence there?”
Likewise, we can hasten our own evolution through employing the tools offered to us by a conscious, caring Mother Nature-flowers and their essences. It has been humorously suggested that if everyone in the world gave one other person a back rub, all wars would cease. Translate this to everyone giving someone else a flower essence, and what do you think might happen? Let’s find out, shall we?
Vibrational remedies are from the plant, sea, and mineral kingdoms. They are subtle energy imprints of their source which can impact on the human energy system in a life supporting way. They can have an effect on all aspects of being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They promote harmony and balance.
An essence is, by definition and by its very nature, the intrinsic value of something , it’s ‘being’ness,’ the way in which it is recognized as individual and unique in all the universe. Another way to name this is ‘vibration’. All physical matter has a vibration as well as its gross physical structure and appearance. The human organism will manifest a different vibration in stress than in a state of relaxation.
In dis-ease the vibratory rate will alter significantly. The essences restore harmony to our vibratory patterns and are a valuable tool for those involved in healing and self-transformation. They work on both conscious and subconscious faculties and support individualized responses to situations.
The benefits of using essences are mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as physical. Dr. Edward Bach, a British homeopath and physician, was the person who first introduced flower remedies into Western medicine. He discovered that the mental and emotional patterns which accompanied a physical dis-ease were important indicators of the underlying cause of the physical problem and that by addressing these with flower essences he could effect a cure. He came to believe that crystallized thought and emotional patterns were the primary phase of all other manifestations of dis-ease.
An essence is energetic imprint of the life force of a particular plant, sea creature or gem or mineral. The carrier substance is water, the universal solvent, with a proportionate amount of brandy which acts as a preservative.
Although all essences tend to look and smell the same, they all have different ways of interacting with the human body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Essence therapy is based on two principles:
1. The human body has the innate ability to heal itself.
2. Essences can activate this natural process.

A real benefit of using essences is that they support personal growth towards self-actualization and wholeness. By gently harmonizing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual new ways of responding to challenges become available.
An essence cannot be harmful. If the particular energy is not required, the person will not absorb it. As we become more aware of our individual processes and patterns, it is easy to select a remedy for a particular circumstance, based on the published correlation alone. It is also safe to select a remedy intuitively by pendulum dowsing or some other method of ‘sensing.’ Sometimes the remedy which comes up will provide further insight as to the underlying cause of a problem.
Essences are powerful tools in the field of complementary medicine. They can be used by laypeople and health practitioners alike to promote healing of the whole person.